Cashing in on the booming box business

Subscription boxes in Winnipeg ManitobaSubscription boxes have seen a boom in popularity recently. With e-commerce stores experiencing a massive growth, offering a subscription service is an easy way to secure steady guaranteed business over short or long periods of...

What is ECT (Edge Crush Test) and why is it important?

What is ECT (Edge Crush Test) and why is it important?There can be a lot of new technical terms in the cardboard box world when purchasing boxes. One of the most common and important ones is ECT. ECT stands for Edge Crush Test. This test is a standard for measuring...
Welcome to the NEW Kemel Site

Welcome to the NEW Kemel Site

One of the most noticeable changes on our new site is our logo. Kemel has adopted a new logo with a more modern font and bright new colors. We’re a progressive company and we wanted our logo to show that. You’ll find we’ve expanded the content on our...

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